Informativa per Potenziali clienti

In the heart of Food Valley, between Parma and Reggio Emilia, RACOF s.r.l. has its headquarters; it specialises in the preparation of products and semi-finished materials for making pet food. A modern, well-organised company that makes only mission.


Meat products carefully selected and protected from contaminants. They are brought to the freezing phase in the particle size requested by the client.


Meat products, both sized and unsized, that are stabilised at the freezing temperature and stored without interrupting the cold chain.


Dehydrated meat products in the form of meal.
Creation of new products for better service to our producer clients.

The raw materials utilised are from poultry, hogs, cattle, sheep and goats, rabbits, fish, etc. Special attention is given to the quality of the raw materials, chosen according to long experience and legal criteria regarding meats, in order to protect the wholesomeness of the product.